Free Federal Air Marshal Test Sample Questions

Included on this page is a free Federal Air Marshal Screener. Get a picture of the some of the hardest question types you will encounter on the test. Including sample Logic-Based Reasoning Questions and Writing Skills sample Questions. For more writing skills sample questions take a look at our TSA CBT Sample Screener.

Federal Air Marshal Logic-Based Reasoning Sample Question

Logic-Based Reasoning Test Instructions:
Make sure to read the entire passage before answering the questions. Answer each question based only on the facts given, and assume all the facts to be true.


Starting a new family tradition, the Smith family has rented a summer house for four weeks. The Smith family includes Bob, Hannah, Paul, Carly, Ashley, Howard, Sarah, and Andrew. Each of the family members needs to visit the summer house, but they don’t need to stay the whole four weeks. But, when they visit, each person needs to stay for one week. There needs to be at least two family members at the beach house every week, but there can’t be more than five family members at one time. Bob and Hannah will stay at the summer house the first and fourth week.

Carly and Sarah need to be at the summer house at the same time.
Ashley, Howard, and Sarah are free to stay at the house any time after the first week.

Paul and Andrew will alternate their visits at the beach house beginning at week one. One of them will stay at the beach house each week.

True/ False/ Cannot be Determined Sample Question

1) If Sarah chooses to go to the beach house week four, then Ashley and Howard won’t be able to go that week.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot be Determined

Answer + Explanation

The answer is True.

The conclusion: "If Sarah chooses to go to the beach house week four, then Ashley and Howard won’t be able to go that week" is logically be true based on the facts provided. Several relevant facts contribute to this conclusion:

  1. Only five people can stay at the summer home in a given week.
  2. Bob and Hannah will both be at the house week four.
  3. Paul and Andrew will alternate their stay at the beach house from week one. One of them will stay at the house each week.
  4. Carly and Courtney must stay at the beach house together at the same time.

So we know that there will be 3 people staying in the house week four (Bob and Hannah, and either Paul or Andrew), leaving room for only 2 other people. So if Courtney is also in the house week four, that brings the total to 5, because Carly and Courtney need to be at the house together. That leaves no extra room for Ashley and Howard.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
BH P or A
No A,H,S,C
P or AS or GBH
S or G

Multiple Choice Sample Question

During which week is it NOT possible for the vacation home to be filled to max capacity?

  1. Week 1
  2. Week 2
  3. Week 3
  4. Week 5

Answer + Explanation

Federal Air Marshal Writing Skills Sample Question

Writing Skills Test Instructions:
Select the correct paragraph order to create a passage that is well-organized, clear, and coherent. If no correction is necessary, choose (D).

(1) The Transportation Security Administration also recognizes that transportation assets, such as airplanes and tunnels, are part of larger systems, such as the national aviation system or a mass transit system. Taken together, all the individual transportation systems form the national transportation system (i.e., a "system of systems"). The behavior of transportation systems cannot be fully explained by confining observations to individual cars, vessels, and aircraft or fixed infrastructure. An attack on a specific asset must be analyzed for how it will impact the larger transportation system within which it resides. Impacts to a specific transportation system may then have ripple-effects on other transportation systems that could result in cascading failures.

(2) In December 2005, we made a risk-based choice to change our operations to better meet this threat. Before the change, our screening workforce was spending a lot of time searching for items that no longer posed a significant risk - items that would no longer be useful to terrorists intent on taking control of an aircraft. Based on analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences, we removed the most innocuous of these from our list of items that are prohibited beyond the checkpoint. The time and labor we used to spend detecting them has been shifted to finding explosives instead.

(3) The nature of the current threat has changed since September 11, 2001. The deployment of measures like hardened cockpit doors, the Federal Flight Deck Officer Program, a vastly expanded Transportation Security Inspector Program, and others have greatly reduced the risk of an attack similar to those of September 11. Today, explosives pose the greatest risk to our transportation systems.

(4) Delivering the best security we can means using risk to guide our decisions - maximizing our resources by directing them where they are most needed. Working with our network of federal and industry partners, we identify the areas of greatest risk throughout transportation systems and act to prevent attacks and mitigate their potential consequences. To meet future threats, we are ensuring that we maintain surge capacity to respond when and where they emerge.

  1. 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
  2. 3 - 4 - 1 - 2
  3. 2 - 3 - 4 - 1
  4. No correction is necessary

Answer + Explanation

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