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Ensure you are prepared on the test day by knowing what to expect. These practice questions are similar to, but not the same as, the questions on the actual exam. The practice questions are followed by detailed explanations. Start preparing today to earn the job you want. Get an idea of the types of questions you will see on the TSA CBT test.

TSO CBT Test Sample Questions and Explanations

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TSA CBT Test Sample Question 1

Writing Skills Test Instructions:
Choose the one answer that represents a correction that should be made to the sentence. If no correction is necessary, choose (D).

Once a request to bring firearms into a foreign country are approved, a Federal Air Marshal must send a notification to the Office of Foreign Operations to coordinate the request.

  1. change to bring to brought
  2. change are to is
  3. change coordinate to coordination
  4. no correction is necessary

Answer + Explanation

The correct answer is B: change "are" to "is".

There must be subject/ verb agreement in number. The subject, "request," is singular and, therefore, the verb should be singular meaning "is" rather than "are".

TSA CBT Test Sample Question 2

Supervisor Jones understands that it is essential for his TSA inspectors to understand each of the fundamental principals that apply to all procedures relating to canine training.

  1. Change "understands" to "understands those"
  2. Change "each" to "each and every one"
  3. Change "principals" to "principles"
  4. No correction is necessary

Answer + Explanation

The correct answer is C: change "principals" to "principles".

The meaning of the word "PRINCIPLES" is a rule or code of conduct. Where as the word "PRINCIPAL" means someone with authority or first and foremost.

TSA CBT Test Sample Question 3

Writing Skills Test Instructions:
Choose the one answer that is the best revision to the underlined word(s) or phrase(s) in the sentence.

The TSO officer training program is long, grewling and fatieging.

  1. grueling/ fatieging
  2. grewling/ fatiguing
  3. grueling/ fatiguing
  4. grewling/ fateeging
  5. No correction is needed

Answer + Explanation

TSA CBT Test Sample Question 4

X-Ray Test Instructions:
Identify different types of guns found in X-Ray pictures of luggage. Each of the target items will be shown for 15 seconds. Then you will be presented with a set of questions. Determine if a gun appears in the questions that follow. If the item appears, press the number 1. If not, you should press the number 3.

Here are the items you will be given to study for 15 seconds:

TSA CBT Test Sample Question X-Ray
Source: https://idahonews.com/news/local/spokane-international-airport-sees-raise-in-firearms-going-through-security
Answer + Explanation

Here we see the clear presence of a gun. We see the clear blue/black outline with denotes the presence of metal. It is important to understand that the questions will get progressively harder.

TSA CBT Test Sample Question X-Ray
Source: https://i-hls.com/archives/85361
Answer + Explanation

We can see that there is no trace of a gun.

TSA CBT Test Sample Question X-Ray
Source: Simulscan & DailyMail
Answer + Explanation

Only the handle of the gun is visible in this picture. We can see the handle is presenting in blue/black which represents metal, hard plastics, alloys etc. With an outer shell of green which can be the handles coating which is made of a plastic where the density isn’t great enough to make it blue or black.

TSA CBT Test Sample Question X-Ray Answer

Full Disclosure
These X-Ray examples represent the most basic format of the question. The actual test will present pictures with much more complexity. Images are presented from an easier, canonical viewpoint, and also from more difficult, rotated, or obstructed viewpoint. If you want more practice for your TSA CBT Test including sample X-Ray questions take a look at this TSA CBT practice pack. Polish your reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, learn how to reorganize texts, and most importantly how to read an X-Ray.

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