TSA CBT Test X-Ray Study Guide

TSA CBT Test X-Ray Study Guide

The X-Ray test, also known as the Object Recognition Test, the is the more difficult of the two sections included in the TSA CBT test. We are here to answer for you some common FAQs. The more you know about the test going in the more confident you will feel on the test day. The most important thing is that you feel confident going into the test.

What Is the Format of the X-Ray Test?

In the TSA X-Ray Test, you will be given X-Ray images of luggage filled with a variety of objects. Usually, you will be provided two practice sessions before you start the actual test. First, you will be required to memorize the shapes of three to six target items in 30 seconds, this will help you identify the required item on the next screen. Then you will be required to identify a target item, as per the instructions given, within a 15 second time period.

What Type of Images Should You Expect to See?

In an X-Ray portion of the test, you will see a mix of dangerous and mundane objects embedded in X-Ray images. You will encounter threatening items like guns, knives, bombs, IEDs and so on. You will also encounter images with zero harmful items. It is your job to set an alarm if you find a contraband item in an X-Ray image.

How Complex Will the Images Be?

The X-Ray images you see will vary in complexity depending on how the target objects mix or overlap with other objects. There is no rhyme or reason to the how complex an image might be. Some images will be more complicated than others. More complex images may require you to rotate items mentally in order to locate their outline or form. Some images may require you to locate various disassembled pieces of the contraband item.

How Many People Pass?

The Object Recognition Test is by far the more challenging portion of the test. Only 30% of test-takers actually pass the test. In rare cases, those who pass the test may be asked to take it again just to make sure you actually passed due to your visual and cognitive skills, rather than sheer luck.

What Are the Testing Circumstances?

The test is given at a specified testing center. Make sure you arrive 30-45 minutes early to fill out any extra forms. The entire test takes a total of 2.5 hours and each section is given under time constraints. Each question in the Object Recognition Test is given under timed conditions. The English portion of the test is all multiple choice questions.

What Are Some of the Items Which Are Banned?

The following is a comprehensive list of items that are banned in Carry-Ons and Checked Luggage.

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