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Caliper Assessment

Over 65,000 top employers have given over 4.5 million candidates the Caliper test. The Caliper assessment is designed to give your employer a taste of what your natural tendencies, work style, and behaviors might be. Caliper then gives an employer a "predictive hiring" report which ensures they match the correct candidate to the position. More and more companies are investing in using the The Caliper Profile Test to help streamline their recruitment process and save them lots of money on wrong hires. We are here to walk you through what to expect on the Caliper Test and give you practice Caliper Test answers.

What Is the Caliper Assessment?

The Caliper Profile commonly known as the Caliper Assessment is a pre-employment test which tests two main areas; a personality test and cognitive ability test. The test has 98 questions and has no time limit. That being said, most candidates finish it in about an hour. It is important to note that you MUST answer every single question. The Caliper Profile Test CAN'T be scored if there are any blank answers.

Caliper Personality Test Section

The Caliper Personality Assessment portion evaluates 22 different personality traits across three sections; two personality questionnaires, and a multiple choice personality test. In the personality questionnaires you will be asked to identify the answer that reflects you the most or least. They might ask if you agree/disagree with a statement, true/false, or answer on a scale from always to never. The multiple choice questions will ask you to identify least and most likely response to behavioral scenarios. The Caliper Personality Profile assesses seven major competency areas:

  1. Leadership: capacity to lead, build a team, and delegate tasks.
  2. Active Communication: communication skills, ability to influence, manage conflicts, negotiate, and listen.
  3. Interpersonal Dynamics: interpersonal skills, helpfulness, ability to build relationships, collaborate and work in a team.
  4. Decision making: overall decision making abilities, decisiveness, and strategic thinking skills.
  5. Problem solving: problem solving skills, innovation, analytical skills, and capacity to learn and adapt.
  6. Process management: management skills, time management, prioritizatzing, organizing, and planning.
  7. Self management: ability to manage your self, composure, resilience, motivation, self awareness, and adaptability.

Caliper Cognitive Test Section

The Caliper Test Cognitive section measures a candidate's cognitive abilities with questions that include number series, abstract patterns, matrices, and analogies. In most questions you will be presented with some sort of pattern and then asked what comes next. The Cognitive section has two main types; number series, and shapes abstract reasoning.

Practice Caliper Assessment Questions and Answer

Caliper Personality Test Sample Question

1. When I am working from home, I plan a work schedule and adhere to it.

Caliper Personality Test Sample Question
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2. I am the kind of person who sees the big picture, focusing less on the small details.

Caliper Personality Test Sample Question

3. Please choose one statement that best describes you and one that least describes you.

Caliper Personality Test Sample Question
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Caliper Number Series Sample Question

Caliper Number Series Sample Question
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Answer is 148.

Caliper Number Series Sample Question Answer + Explanation

Each number is squared and then a value which is increased by 1 is added to the outcome e.g. +1, +2, +3, +4

Caliper Shape Reasoning Sample Question

Caliper Shape Reasoning Sample Question
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Answer + Explanation
Caliper Shape Reasoning Sample Question

To solve this problem take a look at each frame as being made up of four little squares, each little square has one black rectangle and one white rectangle. In each new square, the two black rectangles move places with two white rectangles. In the first box, the black rectangles in the bottom two squares move places with the white rectangles. In the second box, the black rectangles in the two left squares move places with the white rectangles. This movement continues in a clockwise direction. So, in the fourth box, the two black rectangles in the right squares move places with the two white rectangles.

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Is There a Shorter Caliper Test?

There are shorter versions of the Caliper Profile; both the Caliper Test Questions 65, or Caliper Test Questions 68. The shorter version takes about 25 minutes to complete and does not include the Cognitive section. This short Caliper Test is usually given to those applying for entry level positions. In some cases the candidate can be asked to take the full Caliper Profile. In which case, they won't need to retake the sections they already completed.

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What Is the Geico Caliper Assessment?

For representative positions at Geico all candidates will be expected to take the Caliper Profile. This gives Geico a glimpse of a candidate's natural strengths, motivators, and potential success in the role. For those applying for sales and customer service roles you will also face a Geico Assessment Test which evaluates your computer skills, typing, reading comprehension, problem solving, and multi-tasking skills.

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Can You Fail the Caliper Test?

The Caliper Profile is not scored on a Pass/Fail basis. That being said, immediately upon finishing the test you will receive a score which will be sent directly to your employer. The scores are normed which means you will be compared against other candidates who fit your profile. Your employer will receive a score report which gives them a snapshot of your behavioral traits, and cognitive abilities. This detailed report outlines your strengths/weaknesses and motivators/ stressors. Caliper Profile scores are given from 1-99:

  • Scores 1-39: This means the candidate is not likely to succeed in the role.
  • Scores 40-59: This means the candidate will have significant challenges succeeding in the role.
  • Scores 60-79: This means the candidate will succeed in the position if given some support.
  • Scores 80-99: This means the candidate is a strong fit for the role.

As you can see even though there is no "failing" score, if you are not deemed a good fit for the role the employer will unlikely continue the recruitment process.

How Do You Pass the Caliper Assessment?

The Caliper Test is not usually used for entry level positions. It is very often administered for senior executive, managerial, or team leader positions. These positions have the most competition and pay very well. Most candidates that make it through the door are very qualified. Therefore the Caliper Test can be the tipping point to shed light on "fit" for the position. It is recommended that you get a good picture of target Caliper Test answers before you take the exam. Preparing in advance will boost your confidence, allow you to stay focused, and give you a picture of your own qualities. Lucky for you, most personality traits are listed in the job description. So, knowing what your employer is looking for is easy. The hard part is knowing how to answer the questions in accordance with those traits.

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Which Companies Use the Caliper Profile Test?

WellStarMaster LockPanasonic
Brenntag CanadaResource Pro OnlinePaul Hastings
AONHoya VisionCECO
Ann Sacks  

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