911 Dispatcher Hiring Process

911 Dispatcher Hiring Process

Unfortunately, the world goes through its ups and downs and we find ourselves in a position where we need to reinvent ourselves. With every down flow in the economy and disaster situation there is an opportunity to think outside of the box. We are here to walk you through the steps needed to become a 911 dispatcher. If you are looking for a new career during this Corona time, look no further.

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What Is a 911 Dispatcher?

A 911 Dispatcher is a telephone, radio or computer operator who is responsible for connecting those individuals in need of help with emergency services. They can get a wide variety of different emergency calls and they need to filter out the needs to fire, police, or medical professionals.

What Are Some of the Job Requirements of a 911 Dispatcher?

  • Manage a multi-line telephone console system, alert system, and call system for the deaf and hearing-impaired
  • Understand different emergency codes and translate the information into those codes
  • Assign a level of priority on incoming calls and input it to the computer-aided dispatch system
  • Intake and perform crisis intervention as the first line for 911 calls
  • Interview and ask vital questions for emergencies and provide pre-arrival instructions for medical emergencies
  • Respond to technical system alarms and filter the emergency to the correct channel
  • Dispatch and be the first level of coordination for all public safety agencies

What Is the Hiring Process for a 911 Dispatcher?

Looking for a new career can be overwhelming. We have laid out the exact steps involved in becoming a 911 dispatcher.

Step One: Submit An Application

Submit your application to the appropriate agency. If your application seems desirable you will be asked to continue on with the process.

Step Two: Take The Test

You will need to take a 911 Dispatcher test. This is the first round filter that will weed out quality candidates. The test varies from state to state so make sure you are prepared for the correct test. Most of the varying tests have a similar subject matter and include concepts from; deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, typing, comprehension, and recall activities.

Here are some samples of what the test looks like for some of the major states:

Step Three: Interview

If you pass the pre-employment test and your resume is accepted, you will be called in for an interview. Be sure to come on time and dress professionally for the interview.

Step Four: Background Check

You will be asked to undergo a background check. Due to the nature of the work it is essential that you have no blemishes in your background. This job is about trust. The background checks are often conducted by the FBI.

Step Five: Drug Test

You will be required to submit a drug test. Like most of the government positions a drug test is an essential part of the process.

Step Six: Psychological Evaluation

You will undergo a psychological evaluation. This is to make sure you can handle the high pressure that comes with the job.

Final Step: Job Offer

You will likely be offered a job! Once you are offered a position you will undergo training to learn how to be a dispatcher.

As there is a lot of pressure and trust needed for the job the hiring process is not simple. Make sure you get through the front door by taking a look at this Free 911 Dispatcher Practice Test. Ensure you make it to that interview.

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