2021 Walmart Assessment Test

Walmart Assessment Test

Are you applying for one of Walmart's many positions? If you are thinking of a cashier, frond end, order filler, or personal shopper position then you will face the Walmart Retail Associate Assessment (RAA) commonly known as the Walmart Assessment Test. If you are applying for a management or leadership position you will likely face the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA). We are here to outline for you what to expect on the different Walmart assessments including Walmart Assessment Test answers and explanations.

What Is the Walmart Assessment Test?

The Walmart Assessment Test is the colloquial name for the Hourly Retail Associate Assessment. This is the most common assessment given to those applying to Walmart or any of its associated companies for an hourly job. The Walmart Retail Associate Test contains four sections: Work with customers, handle customers, tell us your story, and describe your approach. It is important to know that there are NO correct Walmart Assessment answers for the questions. That being said you can EASILY answer the question favorably based on the position you apply for.

Walmart Retail Associate Test

Work with Customers/Members and Associates

In this section, you will encounter situations you might face in everyday situations working with customers.

Handle Customer/Member Transactions

In this section, you will be given interactive questions. For example you might be asked to give the correct change.

Tell Us Your Story

In this section, you will be asked questions about your background and past experience. This shows Walmart what type of employee you are and if you will fit into their company culture.

Describe Your Approach

This section resembles a personality test. You will face questions which shed light on your personality.

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What Is the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment?

Walmart's Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA) is used for potential and current employees applying for managerial and leadership positions. If you are applying for a position as Team Lead, Hourly Supervisor, Academy Trainer, or Department Manager you will face the Walmart Leadership Assessment after submitting an application. The Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment has five sections: Work with associates, Manage your area, Manage your day, Tell us your story, and Describe your approach.

Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment

Work with Associates

In this section, you will face a variety of work related scenarios that you might face as a manager at Walmart. You have to decide on the best response. Once you answer a question you can't go back. It is also important not to stall on any one question as the time in which you answer questions is factored in.

Manage Your Area

In this section, you'll have to manipulate information provided to best manage what is happening in your area. This directly mimics the type of decision making you will need to make for the position you are applying to. In this section the less time you take the better. If you take too long on any question you might get penalized.

Manage Your Day

In this section, you will face situations that you would face as a leader in Walmart. You will be asked to review activities, prioritize them, and explain why you chose to address them in that order. This section is especially tricky because it might be difficult to decide which target to address first.

Tell Us Your Story

This is a questionnaire you will fill out with personal information, education, and past experiences. Make sure you answer this portion truthfully and that all information can be verified.

Describe Your Approach

This section consisted of 33 personality test questions. It shows Walmart your approach and preferred work style. Expect lots of tricky questions. They might appear to be the same questions phrased differently. The important thing to note is that you stay CONSISTENT.

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What Happens if You Fail the Walmart Assessment?

If you fail the Walmart Assessment Test, you need to wait another six months before you can apply. Additionally, they keep all previous test scores on file. The Hourly Retail Associate Assessment is scored along four paths: Poor, Good, Competitive, and Excellent. Unfortunately only HR and management will get to see your score path. If you score poorly you won't be asked for an interview. For the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment current and new candidates will be scored differently. Current Walmart employees will be placed in one of three categories; Non-Competitive, Competitive 6 month expire- tier 1, and Competitive 2 year expire tier 2. A Non-Competitive means you did not pass and won't be eligible to apply for a managerial position before retaking the exam in 6 months time. Competitive Tier I means you pass but can only apply for Current Department and Academy Trainer positions. Competitive Tier 2 means you can apply for all manager positions like Cap, Support, Coach, Team Lead and even higher. For new candidates you only see a pass or fail. Like, the Retail Associate Assessment you will quietly be put into four categories. Those candidates that don't score well will never receive the call for an interview.

How Do You Pass the Walmart Assessment Test?

Excelling on the Walmart Assessment is all about knowing HOW to answer the questions correctly for your EXACT position. We recommend reviewing Walmart Test answers to get an idea of what the test questions will look like and what test answers they are looking for. The great thing about working at Walmart is that there is a tremendous opportunity for growth. That being said in the current job market they are receiving a record number of applications for each position.

What Are the Different Walmart Assessment Tests?

These are the assessment tests used by Walmart:

Walmart Maintenance Technician AssessmentMaintenance technicians
Retail Associate Assessment (RAA)Hourly workers
Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA)Team leaders
Supervisor Employment Assessment (SEA)Supervisors
Supply Chain Associate AssessmentUsed by a number of positions including; drivers, freight handlers, and administrative positions

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Walmart Food & Grocery Jobs

Sales AssociateCashierFront End
Food & GroceryStockerOrder Filler

Walmart Distribution Center Jobs

Freight HandlerArea ManagerTruck Driver
Power Equipment Operator  

Walmart Management Jobs

Hourly Supervisor & TrainingAssistant Manager/ CoachTeam Lead/ Department Manager
Store Manager  

Walmart Maintenance Jobs

General Maintenance TechnicianDistribution Center Maintenance TechnicianTransportation Maintenance Technician
HVAC TechnicianFacilities Manager 

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