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Walmart Maintenance Technician Test

Are you considering a position as a Walmart General Maintenance Technician or a Distribution Center Maintenance Technician? If so you will likely face the Walmart Maintenance Assessment Test. A maintenance technician might be the perfect job for you if you are looking for a hands on career working with equipment and systems. We will walk you through what is covered on the Walmart Maintenance test, provide maintenance technician test study guides, sample questions and answers.

What Is the Walmart Maintenance Test?

The Walmart Maintenance Tech Test is a computer-based, in house, multiple-choice test given to applicants for maintenance technician roles. The test is similar to the Ramsay Maintenance Test and takes about an hour to finish. If you are applying for a General Maintenance position or a Distribution Center Maintenance Position you should expect to take the Ramsay Walmart Maintenance test. The Walmart DC (distribution center) Maintenance Technician Test and the Walmart General Maintenance Technician Test cover a wide range of technical questions including; general building maintenance, blueprints, electrical repair, motors, equipment repair, mechanical laws and more. You will be allowed to use a scrap paper and calculator for the Walmart test.

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FREE Sample Walmart Maintenance Test Questions and Answers

Question 1

Two tanks have exit tubes of identical cross- section A, situated at the bottom of their right hand side panels.
Through which opening will the volume of water exiting be greater - left (1) or right (2)?

Note: The exit pipes are short enough for friction loss to be negligible. The difference in the lengths of the outlet tubes is irrelevant and is meant to mislead you.

FREE Sample Walmart Maintenance Test Questions and Answers
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  1. Opening 1
  2. Opening 2
  3. There won't be any water flowing through the opening
  4. The same at both openings
Answer + explanation

The correct answer is D.

Tanks 1 and 2 are identical in size and initial volume of water contained.

The efflux (amount of water exiting the tank at a given time) is not influenced by the length of the outlet tube but by the size of the cross section (of the opening).

Since the given cross sections of the openings are equal, the volume of water exiting the tubes must be equal.

Note, the difference in the lengths of the outlet tubes is not relevant and is meant to mislead you. Even though in real life there would have been more head loss in the longer pipe, in mechanical reasoning tests such friction-like forces should be ignored by default.

Question 2

Which wrench is easier to use to loosen a given bolt? (If equal, choose C)

FREE Sample Walmart Maintenance Test Questions and Answers
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  1. A
  2. B
Answer + explanation

The correct answer is B.

The definition for moment of force is:

τ = r × F

This means multiplying the force by the position vector, which, in this question, is the length of the wrench. Thus, with a longer wrench, you can apply less force and still get the same moment on the bolt. That makes wrench B easier to use.

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What Is a Good Score on the Walmart General Maintenance Technician Test?

After you finish the maintenance test, you will receive one of two results "Competitive" for a or "Non-Competitive." If you receive a "Competitive" score, this means you passed the test and you can continue with Walmart recruitment process. If you received a "Non-Competitive," this means you failed and you won't go any further in the Walmart selection process.

How Do You Pass the Walmart Test?

The Walmart Distribution Maintenance Technician Test can be challenging even for those currently working as maintenance technicians. Between Walmart and its subsidiaries: Sam's Club, Bonobos, Hayneedle, and Moosejaw, you can easily find a job anywhere across the U.S. This means that the competition will often be very stiff. The best way to prepare for the Walmart Technician Skills Knowledge Test is to practice in advance. We recommend taking a look at this Practice Walmart General Maintenance Technician Test.

What Does a Walmart Maintenance Technician Do?

As a Walmart Maintenance Technician you will be responsible for performing routine preventive maintenance. You will be responsible for ensuring safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the facilities, equipment, and fixtures. You will be in charge of completing repairs, and inspecting, operating, or testing equipment for defective parts. You will be in charge of managing work orders and maintenance schedules. You will also be responsible for complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and guidelines.

Walmart Maintenance Technician Interview Process

  1. Apply online for an Installation, Maintenance and Utilities job
  2. Phone Screen
  3. Walmart Maintenance Technician Skills Online Test
  4. Onsite Interview
  5. Background Check
  6. Job Offer
  7. Drug Test
  8. Job Orientation

What are Some of the Walmart Maintenance Technician Interview Questions?

  • What equipment and facility types have you worked with in the past?
  • What repairs do you enjoy doing?
  • Why do you want to work at Walmart?
  • If you had a problem with a piece of equipment what would you do? Can you provide support for your answer?
  • Tell me about a time when you worked in a team.

How Much does a Walmart Maintenance Technician Make?

A Walmart Maintenance Technician salary is quite competitive. Walmart Maintenance Technicians earn from $17- $24 an hour. There is tremendous opportunity to grow within this field.

Does Walmart Drug Test Maintenance Technicians?

Maintenance Technicians will be responsible for handling heavy machinery, therefore many positions will drug test the candidates.

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