TSA, FAM, TSO Assessment Tests

TSA Assessment Tests

All applicants for TSA jobs who meet the agency’s minimum requirements are evaluated through a variety of tests/assessments. It is essential to score well on these exams. If you fail any of these assessments you will not be asked to move on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

To Become a TSO Officer (TSA Agent) Applicants Must Take the Following Assessments:

  1. Computer Based Test: Tests English language proficiency and X-Ray interpretation aptitude.
  2. Color vision test.
  3. The TSA Airport Assessment which is a structured interview that evaluates an applicant's decision-making abilities and their ability to work in a team and with the general population.
  4. Drug screening.
  5. Medical evaluation that includes a vision screening, hearing exam, and a joint mobility exam.
  6. Background check.

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To Become a Federal Air Marshal Applicants Must Take the Following Assessments:

  1. Credit Check and Criminal background check.
  2. FAMS Assessment Battery Test which includes writing, logic-based reasoning, and situational judgment components.
  3. Panel interview.
  4. Medical examination.
  5. Psychological assessment.
  6. Background investigation.
  7. Physical training assessment.

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