Federal Air Marshal Service and Law Enforcement Hiring Process

Federal Air Marshal & Law Enforcement Hiring Process

The Federal Air Marshal Service identifies, prevents and stops hostile acts on flights. Federal Air Marshals (FAM) are armed agents deployed on flights to protect agents. A position as an FAM holds many benefits including; dental and healthcare, 401k, sick and vacation days. The hiring process is extremely competitive and comprehensive. This is done in order to parse out the best candidates for the job. It is important that all applicants get a taste for the job when they go through the hiring process.

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What Is a Federal Air Marshal?

The purpose of the Federal Air Marshal Service is to detect, deter, and defeat dangerous acts of violence against aviation. A Federal Air Marshal is a an armed law enforcement individual whose role is to be present on passenger flights and defend airline passengers and crew against the risk of terrorist or criminal acts of violence. A federal Air Marshal helps increase the public’s confidence about their safety on passenger flights.

What Is Involved in the Federal Air Marshal Service and Law Enforcement Hiring Process?

Online Application

Find job opening that appeals to you and submit the online application. Take a look at this USAJobs site to see which jobs are open in your area. When filling out the application, take your time and answer the short questions in a thorough manner. Once the online application has been submitted, processes, and qualified a credit and criminal history check is conducted.

Federal Air Marshal Assessment Battery Test

If the applicant passes the first round of background checks they will be given the Federal Air Marshal Assessment Battery which is a written test comprising various subsections.

Practice for the Federal Air Marshal Assessment Battery Test and learn more about what to expect.

Panel Interview

Only if the applicant receives a satisfactory score on the skills assessment test will they be called in for a panel interview. The applicant will be called down to the local office and they should be prepared to answer a series of behavioral questions. The questions may require you to relay a series of personal experiences which demonstrate a target skill. The panel interview is extremely important. It is a great way to compare candidates and see how they answer identical questions.

Physical Training Assessment

If the applicant passes the panel interview step they applicant is fingerprinted and then must take the Physical Training Assessment.

Learn more about the Physical Training Assessment (PTA) and how to prepare!

Background Check

The final hurdle is a comprehensive background check. If the applicant excels on the previous steps, they will be invited in for an interview by a special agent-in-charge at a nearby Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) office. At this point the interviewer will ask a series of questions. It is important to answer all the questions TRUTHFULLY even if the truth might paint a bit of an undesirable picture. Admitting to past mistakes will help you in the long run in this comprehensive interview process. The interviewer has the right to give you a polygraph exam. Expect the investigators to talk to your references. The investigator may even ask for a list of former employers, family members, and friends, and reach out to them. A FAM has extremely high level clearance so a thorough investigation is needed. Additionally, each investigation costs FAMS a couple thousand dollars, so they make sure to do the job right.

Medical Examination

If you pass all the previous steps, at this point the candidate will be offered a conditional job offer. A medical examination will be conducted with a drug test. Obviously, we don’t need to tell you twice, but make sure you have a prescription for every drug you take.

What Is Involved in the Federal Air Marshal Training Program (FAMTP)?

If you passed all these hurdles you will take part in a 14 week training course, split between a training facilities in Artesia, New Mexico, and the FAMS Training Academy in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The course includes: 

The Federal Air Marshal Service Practical Pistol Course (PPC)
  • Practical Exercise Performance Requirements (PEPR)
  • FAMTP Firearms Training Program
  • The Federal Air Marshal Service Practical Pistol Course (PPC)

Once you begin the comprehensive training program you will be on a two year probationary period. Every new hire must commit to at least five years on the job.

Take a look at the the 2021 TSA Training Schedule. Find the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center near you.

What Is the Maximum Age You Can Be to Apply for a Federal Air Marshal Position?

You need to be under the age of 37 to submit an application.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Federal Air Marshal?

A FAM get many generous benefits including; health insurance, 10 vacation days, sick days, pension plan, paid training, transportation subsidies, and a uniform allowance.

Federal Air Marshal Salary

Salaries can range anywhere from $46,950 to $82,417 annually.

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