Pymetrics Games Practice Tests

Pymetrics Games Practice Tests

The Pymetric Games are a set of 12 games designed to give your employer a snapshot of traits and cognitive skills. The Pymetrics games are a highly useful tool based on psychological experiments. They use a set of advanced algorithms to help analyze key traits integral for successful job performance. Top companies use this test to easily compare candidates. Let's take a closer look at Pymetrics Games examples and how to conquer them.

Who Are Pymetrics?

Pymetrics is a company that uses artificial intelligence and neuroscience-based assessments to match job applicants to the positions that best fit their skills and abilities. Pymetrics aims to make the hiring process more equal and efficient by using objective data to identify the best candidates for a given role, rather than relying on more traditional methods such as resumes and interviews. It is becoming increasingly more popular for large companies to use these tools.

What Are the Pymetrics Games?

The Pymetrics games are a series of 12 online games that are used to measure a candidate's cognitive and emotional traits, such as attention to detail, risk tolerance, and problem-solving skills. The Pymetrics games differ from more traditional pre-employment assessments as they use a game format rather than a more traditional questions answer test format. Don't be fooled by the appearance of a game. Your every move is being monitored by AI algorithms to help understand your core traits. The results of these games and assessments are then used to match the candidate with job opportunities that are well-suited to their strengths and preferences. As you can see these are NOT mere simple games.

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What Are the 12 Pymetrics Games?

  1. Balloon Game
  2. Tower Game
  3. Money Exchange #1
  4. Money Exchange #2
  5. Keypress Game
  6. Hard or Easy Task Game
  7. Digits Memory
  8. Stop Game
  9. Arrows Game
  10. Lengths Game
  11. Cards Game
  12. Faces Game

Balloon Game

In the Balloon Game you will be presented with balloons to pump. With each successful pump of the balloon you will earn money. You can bank the money you earn from pumping the balloon at any moment. If the balloon pops before you bank the money, you lose all the money you earned for that balloon and must move to the next balloon. The core of the balloon pump game is to measure your decision making skills and assess the risks you are willing to take.

Length of Time: 3 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Balloon Game
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Game Tip: There is Pymetrics balloon game strategy. The balloons come in different colors. Each color has its own behavior pattern. So, make sure to use each explosian and loss of money to your advantage to study the patterns.

Tower Game

In the Tower Game, players are presented with three towers and different colored stacked rings. You will be given a picture of how the rings should look and you must rearrange the disks to match the target in the least amount of moves. You can only move one disk at a time. This game gives your employer a glimpse of your planning skills.

Length of Time: 2 Minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Tower Game
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Game Tip: There are two aspects of the Pymetrics tower game you are being evaluated on: the amount of moves you make, and the amount of time it takes you to make the first move. Thinking before making the first move shows that you can plan ahead and build a strategy, which is a great trait to emphasize.

Money Exchange #1

Money Exchange #1 measures a potential candidate's trust. In the game you are paired with another participant. You start with $10 and your partner has $0. You will be allowed to transfer money to the other participant. The amount of money will then be tripled. Your partner can then decide how much to give back to you. After, you must rate from a scale of 1 to 10 how fair you felt your partner to be.

Time to Complete: around 7 seconds

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Money Exchange #1 Game
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Game Tip: This game is all about trust. It gives you a chance to show a potential employer that you are a team player and that you can trust in your team members to cooperate. 

Money Exchange #2

Money Exchange #2 will also require you to work with a participant. This time you and your partner will both start with $5. One of you will be randomly selected to get $5 added to your sum. You will be required to decide how much of that additional $5 you want to give or take from your partner. In the second round, both you and your partner will receive $5, but only you receive an extra $5. Again, you will need to decide how much of that you would like to give, or take. After each decision you will be required to rate how fair the transaction was. The trait being measured in this game is altruism.

Time to Complete: 7 seconds

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Money Exchange #2 Game
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Game Tip: In this Money Exchange Game you have complete control over how much you and your partner will have. When ranking your choice make sure the ranking correlates with your decision.

Keypress Game

The Keypress game measures reaction time and consistency of performance. The game requires players to press a key on your keyboard as many times as you can within the time limit. The results of the game are used to assess traits such as attention to detail, reaction time, and consistency. The whole point of the game is to follow the instructions precisely. You must start and stop exactly when you are told.

Time to Complete: 2 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Keypress Game
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Game Tip: It is integral that you do not start before you are told. This will tell your employer that you are impulsive. The START button will come on randomly, so be prepared.

Hard or Easy Task Game

The Hard or Easy Task Game will provide you with two choices; perform an easy task that you will likely successfully complete, or a harder task which will be more challenging to complete. You will earn less money for the easy task than you would for the harder task.

You will only earn the money on a completed task. What this means for you as a candidate, is that you need to weigh each decision. If you go for the harder task, you might waste time on a task you won't complete. But, it might be worth it if the payout is significant. This game gives your employer an idea of how much effort and motivation you have. It will also help them get an idea of your decision making skills. 

Time to Complete: 2 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Hard or Easy Game
© JobTestPrep

Game Tip: If you feel like you have a low probability of winning and the payout is low, then go for the easier task. The most important thing to focus on is strategic thinking.

Digits Memory

Digits Memory tests a person's memory by presenting them with a series of digits and then asking them to recall as many of the digits as they can in the correct order. As the rounds progress the number of digits will increase by one. It will become harder and harder the further you progress. 

Time to Complete: 2.5 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Digits Game
© JobTestPrep

Game Tip: Read the numbers out loud as they appear on the screen. This will allow you to learn using multiple modalities.

Stop Game

In the "Stop Game" a series of stimuli appear on the screen, and you are asked to stop only when you see the red circle. The game is made to be challenging so as you progress you will see both red and green circles flash quickly on the screen. The game tests cognitive abilities such as impulse control, attention to detail, and reaction time. The game is designed to measure the player's ability to inhibit their natural response in order to follow specific instructions.

Time to Complete: 2 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Stop Game
© JobTestPrep

Game Tip: Start to pay attention to sequences that appear. Once the green circles appear it will become much harder.

Arrows Game

In the "Arrows Game", you will be presented with flashing arrows. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard you will need to indicate the directions of the arrow.

  • For blue or black arrows, you must identify the direction of the middle arrow.
  • For red arrows, you must identify the direction of the side arrows.

Time to Complete: 3 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Arrows Game
© JobTestPrep

Game Tip: Three minutes is a LONG time to keep your focus on a game like this. You are going to encounter 135 rounds so be prepared.

Lengths Game

In the "Lengths Game", you will be presented with different faces and you must identify whether the face has a long or short mouth. This game sounds easier than it is. It is very difficult to distinguish between a long and short mouth. You must look at both face pictures at once in order to tell the difference. This game gives the employer an idea of your learning, attention to details skills, and motivation.

Time to Complete: 2.5 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Length Game
© JobTestPrep

Game Tip: Only SOMETIMES will you earn money for your correct answer only. This element is there to throw you off. You can not draw any conclusions from when you earn the money.

Cards Game

The point of the "Cards Game" is to earn as much money as possible. You will start the card game with $2,000. You will be able to draw cards from any of the four decks. For each card you draw you will either gain or lose money. As you draw the cards you will start to see patterns emerge. This game gives your employer an idea of your learning skills, risk tolerance, and pattern recognition.

Time to Complete: 2.5 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Cards Game
© JobTestPrep

Game Tip: Patterns will start to appear so make sure you pay attention to them. When choosing different decks make sure you use strategy and don't just choose at random.

Faces Game

In this game, players are presented with a series of faces on the screen, and are asked to match a target face as closely as possible to the proper emotion. In some cases a short narrative will appear next to the face. If there is a text next to the face you will be given 30 seconds to answer, a face alone you will be given 7 seconds. The purpose of this game is to test your emotional intelligence.

Time to Complete: 4 minutes

Pymetrics Assessment Free Sample: Faces Game
© JobTestPrep

Game Tip: When there is a text make sure you read it also. Do not assume what the emotion is based on the face alone.

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What Do Pymetrics Games Asses?

Pymetrics games are designed to assess a variety of cognitive and emotional traits of job candidates. These traits correlate to a candidate's strengths and preferences, and are used to match the candidate with positions that are well-suited to their abilities. Here are a list of traits that Pymetrics games assess:

  • Effort: How much do you put into an issue or task.
  • Risk-tolerance: willingness to take on challenges and try new things.
  • Decision making: ability to make choices and evaluate the potential outcomes.
  • Attention: ability to focus on small details and pick up on subtleties in a task or situation.
  • Focus: ability to focus, retain, and recall information.
  • Learning: How you learn and integrate new material.
  • Fairness: Can you evaluate the fairness of an issue or situation.
  • Generosity: How much you give to others and allocate for yourself.
  • Emotion: ability to recognize and understand emotions in oneself and others, and to use this information to guide thinking and behavior.

It's important to note that every role will put an emphasis on different traits.

How Are the Pymetrics Games Scored?

The Pymetrics test will not result in a numerical or pass/fail score. The scoring works as follows; the company will have the top performing employees for each position complete the 12 games creating a benchmark score. The scores are analyzed using artificial intelligence and neuroscience techniques. The potential candidate's scores are then compared to that benchmark, which allows the algorithm to identify patterns and connections between performance on the games and success in the role. The scores are used to identify the BEST match between the job, company, and the candidate.

How Long Do You Have to Complete the Pymetrics Games?

You will be given 25 minutes to complete the 12 games. Each game should take between 2-3 minutes. You are allowed to take breaks between the games. 

Can You Retake the Pymetrics Test?

You can only take the Pymetrics test once every 330 days, which is in essence once a year. Once you take the test your scores are available for every other company you apply for. The test has a 98% completion rate. So it is best to put your all in the first time around. 

Which Companies Use the Pymetrics Assessment?

Many companies have used or are currently using Pymetrics Games as part of their recruitment process. Some examples of companies that have used Pymetrics include:

  • Accenture
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • Google
  • Astrazeneca
  • Mastercard
  • IBM
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • KPMG
  • PwC
  • Unilever
  • BCG
  • and many more

It's important to note that this is not an exhaustive list and many other companies might be using Pymetrics games as part of their recruitment process. We see wide use of the Pymetrics Test within the financial and consulting industry. That being said, Pymetrics is continuously updating their client base and expanding their reach, an increasing number of companies will be using Pymetrics in the future.

How Do You Complete the Pymetrics Games?

The Pymetrics games are completed online, typically through the company's website or a link provided by the company. The process of completing the games typically involves the following steps:

  1. Register: You will need to register on the website or platform provided by the company, where you will be asked to provide your personal and contact information.
  2. Complete the games: You will then be asked to complete a series of games and in some cases other assessments.
  3. Submit the results: Once you have completed the games, you will be prompted to submit your results. The results of the games are then analyzed using artificial intelligence and neuroscience techniques to identify patterns and connections between your performance on the games and your potential fit for the role and the company culture.
  4. Wait for the results: The company will then use the results of the games to match you with job opportunities that are well-suited to your strengths and preferences. You will typically be notified of the results via email or by the company's recruitment team.

The specific steps and process may vary depending on the company and the role they are recruiting for. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the company and to answer the questions honestly and to the best of your abilities.

Are the Pymetrics Games Difficult?

The difficulty level of Pymetrics games vary depending on the game. Some games may be relatively straightforward, while others may be more challenging. Each candidate will find different games difficult. That is what is unique about this test. It is truly a tool to parse out your personal strengths and weaknesses. There is no pass or fail, but rather the employer will receive a detailed report snapshotting the candidate's cognitive and emotional traits. That being said, if you have never seen any of the 12 games before you might panic and that will affect how you perform. We recommend gaining some insight into what to expect by taking a look at some Pymetrics Practice Games. REMEMBER you can only take the assessment once every 330 days. Once you have taken it, multiple companies can look at your results.

How Can I Prepare for the Pymetrics Assessment?

The Pymetric Games are a very important part of the selection process. There are many candidates who get eliminated from top positions because they underestimated them. Therefore, it is smart to go in ready. To prepare for the Pymetrics assessment, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the types of tasks and questions that will be on the test. It is essential to be aware of the format of the games. It would be a shame to mess up one of the games because you did not follow the directions. We recommend taking a look at this Practice Pymetrics Games online interactive tool which EXACTLY imitates the Pymetric Games. Not only can you take the real time games, you can also receive guidance on how to approach each task and access sample Pymetric Games answers.

Tips for Taking the Pymetrics Games

Here are some tips to help you prepare for and perform well on the Pymetric games:

  1. Be well-rested: Make sure you are well-rested and alert when you take the test. Being tired or stressed can negatively impact your performance.
  2. Be honest: The games are designed to measure your innate cognitive and emotional traits, so it's important to answer the questions honestly and to the best of your abilities.
  3. Read the instructions carefully: Be sure to read the instructions for each game carefully before you begin. This will help you understand what is expected of you and how to perform well in the game. You can familiarize yourself with the wording of the instructions before from a Pymetrics practice test.
  4. Use your time wisely: How you use your time is being evaluated. So you need to strike a balance between being impetuous and being a slow poke.
  5. Stay relaxed: Try to stay relaxed and focused while you are taking the test. If you feel like you did poorly on one of the games don't let it throw off your concentration.
  6. Practice: Take a at this Pymetric Games free practice which simulates the real test, to get familiar with the platform and the games.
  7. Be yourself: Remember that the games are designed to measure your natural abilities and potential fit for the role and the company culture, so be yourself and try to have fun.

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