GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Practice Tests

GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Practice Tests

GardaWorld is one of the main security contractors for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). GardaWorld prides itself on providing top of the line services for it's clients. Therefore, if you would like to become a pre-board screener in one of Canada's 35 main airports you will need to pass a selective hiring process. The first hurdle in the hiring process is a series of pre-employment tests. We are here to give you an in depth outline of what to expect on these screener exams, how to pass, and how to prepare.

Take a Screener Object Recognition Practice Test.

What are the screen tests you need to take to become a Garda Pre-Board Screener?

The two tests needed to become a pre-board screener are the Object Recognition Test also known as the X-Ray Test and the Basic Math and English Test.

Where will the tests be taken?

You will need to go down to a GardaWorld office, the tests are not given online. You usually will be given two tests in one day. The order of the tests can vary. That being said, if you do not pass the first test then you will not be eligible to take the second.

What is covered on the Screener Object Recognition Test (ORT)?

The Screener Object Recognition Test or the X-Ray test is considered to be the harder of the two exams and it consists of 20 pictures.You will be given very specific directions for what to look for within a picture of what the target item looks like i.e. a gun, knife, grenade ect. The picture will have between 12-14 items and you will be given about 20 seconds to decipher if it contains either a gun, grenade, knife, or none of the above. There will be only one of the contraband items in every scan. The items might be upside down, partially covered, or rotated. This might make it difficult to identify in the alloted 20 seconds It is important to note that there is no going back in the exam. The 20 seconds may pass by quick so keep this in mind when taking the exam. We advise reviewing some basics on the X-Ray test before the interview day.

What is covered on the English and Basic Math Test?

If you pass the X-Ray test you will be asked to take a basic English and Math aptitude test. This test has 100 multiple choice questions to be completed in 60 minutes. The test can be broken down into the following sections; spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, logic, and math. The spelling section will include a list of words and you will need to identify which is spelled incorrectly. There will also be some basic grammar and reading comprehension questions. On the math section expect to complete basic calculation such as percentages and questions related to pattern recognition. Here is a more in depth breakdown on the various types of test questions:

Part of the TestNumber of Questions
Grammar Knowledge10
Reading Comprehension10

GardaWorld Pre-Boarding Officer Test FAQs

What happens after you take the test?

After taking the first test the recruiter will take all the tests and grade them. After each of the tests the recruiter will come back into the room and call out names. If your name is called this means that you did NOT pass the test. Those that passed the first test will be given the second exam. Once again after the second exam is graded more candidates will be weeded out. After you pass both exams you will move on to a short interview.

What grade do you need to get in order to pass the pre-boarding screener test?

You need to get at least an 80% on both the X-Ray and the English and Math test.

What happens if you fail the X-Ray exam?

If you fail any portion of the interview you can reapply after six months time.

How Can I Prepare for the GardaWorld Pre-Screening Officer Test?

The recruiters at GardaWorld express that the exams are made to be hard and that 60-70% of the candidates won't pass them. This means that during the interview process you want to make sure your name is NOT called at the end of each test. With a difficult passing rate of 80% for each test, we advise that you do some sort of review before the test. We teamed up with our partner JobTestPrep to bring you a GardaWorld Pre-Screener Officer PrepPack™ which is the only resource in the market to review all the components of the exam. Their online review includes:

  • 18 Writing Skills practice tests, answers, and explanations. Covering vocabulary, writing, and grammar practice.
  • 13 X-Ray Tests which include practice tests in identifying items in an x-ray image with detailed explanations.
  • 3 Basic math practice tests, answers, and explanations.
  • A detailed study guide on methods for analyzing X-Ray images.

For more free practice check out our TSA study guide page.

GardaWorld Object Recognition (X-Ray Test) Tips

  1. You will be given a point for correct answers only, and you will lose a point for incorrect answers.
  2. You will have only 20 seconds with each picture so manage your time wisely.
  3. Research in advance which colors represent different materials.
  4. Keep in mind that objects may be partially covered and presented in different angles.
  5. Take a look at this sample X-Ray recognition test to get an idea of what to expect on exam day.

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