IBEW Apprenticeship Practice Test

IBEW Apprenticeship Practice Test

The IBEW or the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers uses the IBEW Aptitude test as a selection method to weed out quality candidates for an electrical apprenticeship program. If you are interested in a career doing electrical work whether as an outside or inside wireman, or a sound technician you will need to take the IBEW test before being able to start an apprenticeship. Let's learn more about what to expect on the test and get some free IBEW aptitude test practice questions and answers.

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What Is the IBEW Test?

The IBEW aptitude test has gone by many names. Currently called the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test, and formally referred to as the NJATC Aptitude Test (National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee), it is a selection method put out by the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). The mission of the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is to ensure that electrical apprentices received the most up-to-date training and education. This pre-apprenticeship aptitude test sifts out candidates who are serious about pursuing a technical career as an electrical apprentice. The test is a computer based multiple choice test made up of two main sections: algebra and functions, and reading comprehension.

Algebra and Functions

This section of the test has 33 questions to be completed in 46 minutes. It covers the following topics:

  • Solving linear equations
  • Solving quadratic equations
  • Answering questions related to graphene
  • Finding the square root
  • Polynomial factoring
  • Numerical series
  • Basic Numerical Problems

Reading Comprehension

This section of the test has 36 questions to be completed in 51 minutes. You will be presented with short readings and asked to answer comprehension questions related to the text.

Free IBEW Practice Test Questions

Free Algebra and Functions Questions and Explanation

Number Series Example

120 | 61 | 24 | 13 | 350 | ?

  1. 67
  2. 380
  3. 420
  4. 176

The answer is D. Every two numbers are a pair. The first of the two numbers is divided by two and then one is added to make the second number

120/2 + 1 = 61

24/2 + 1 =13

350/2 +1 = 176

Algebra Example: Equation Systems and Inequations

If |4x + 8| > 12, which of the following represents all possible values of x?

  1. x > 1; x < -6
  2. x > 12/8 > 3
  3. x > 4/3
  4. 3x = 4

If |4x + 8| > 12 then 4x + 8 > 12 and 4x + 8 < -12.

If 4x + 8 > 12 then subtract 8 from both sides and you get 4x > 4 then divide both sides of the inequality by 4, the result is x > 1

If 4x + 8 < -12 then subtract 8 from both side and you get 4x < -20 and then you divide 4 from both sides and you get x < -5

Therefore, the correct answer is A: x > 1; x < -5

Reading Comprehension Sample Question

To quote W.C Field, "The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep." If only it were that easy! Many people suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is defined as a sleep disorder where you have difficulty falling or staying asleep. Doctors and psychologists consider insomnia to be both a medical condition on its own and a symptom of other medical or psychiatric disorders. Insomnia is a disorder that people of all ages face. That being said, it is extremely common amongst the elderly population. Sadly people can suffer from insomnia for many years. Insomnia can cause depression, irritability, and even a lapse in memory.

This passage's main idea is that:

  1. The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep
  2. Insomnia is a sleep disorder
  3. Insomnia is common amongst the elderly
  4. Insomnia can have side effects

The answer is B. When asked for the main idea you need to ensure that this statement summarizes the entire passage. In this case B: Insomnia is a sleep disorder is the best summary. The other answers are details which support the main idea.

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Where Do You Take the IBEW Electrical Aptitude Test?

Once your application is accepted you will be directed to take the test in person at the local Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) testing station.

When Is the IBEW Electrical Aptitude Test Given?

Tests are given every couple of weeks. If you meet the minimum requirements for the apprenticeship you will be sent a list of available test dates.

What Can You Take with You to the IBEW Test?

You will need a photo ID and you will not be allowed to use a calculator. Set aside three hours for the entire testing process and make sure you arrive early.

How Is the IBEW Electrical Aptitude Test Scored?

In order to pass to the next part of the interview process, the personal interview, you must receive a minimum score of a 4 out of 9. If you have 4,000 hours of previous electrical work then you don't need to meet the minimum score. Those interested in becoming Outside linemen apprentices for the Northeastern Joint Apprenticeship Training (NEAT) program only need to get a 3 out of 9 on the test.You will not be penalized for wrong answers so it works to your advantage to take a guess.

When Will I Get my IBEW Test Results?

Your score on the IBEW Test will be sent to the training center where you took the exam within 2-4 weeks after the assessment. The JATC center will then send you the results in the mail. Your test score will be saved for two years upon receipt.

Do All Electrical Unions Give the Same Electrical Aptitude Test?

YES. This is a point of confusion for many as the IBEW apprenticeship exam has had many different names over the years. The IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and the NECA (National Electrical Contractor Association) use the same version of the test. So ANY electrical apprenticeship you apply to will use the SAME entrance exam. The test was designed to be a standard uniform measurement of a potential candidate's skills.

That being said ALL of these exams refer to the same test:

  • NJATC Aptitude Test
  • JATC Aptitude Test
  • Electrical Aptitude Test/ Electrician Aptitude Test/ Electrician Apprentice Test/ Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship Test
  • Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test / NECA
  • Local 3 IBEW Test / Local 134 IBEW Test/ Local 1245 IBEW Test/ Local 26 IBEW Test/ Local 11 IBEW Test / Local 1 IBEW Test/ Local 47 IBEW Test / Local 77 IBEW Test/Local 98 IBEW Test / Local 103 IBEW Test

What Happens if I Fail the IBEW Aptitude Test?

You are allowed to retake the Electrical Aptitude test. That being said, you should try and pass it the first time around as you need to wait 6 months in order to retake the exam. The results of your IBEW Test are saved for 2 years. If you have not gotten an apprenticeship during that time you will need to retake the exam. For these reasons we advise planning in advance and preparing for the exam with an IBEW practice test.

How Can You Prepare for the IBEW Electrical Apprenticeship Test?

We recommend reviewing some IBEW practice tests, taking a look at study guides, sample questions and explanations. Once you take a look at a practice test you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and focus on where you need more work.

Take a look at this Free Practice IBEW Aptitude Test.

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