SHL Practice Tests

SHL Practice Tests

The SHL test is one of the most common aptitude tests used by a wide range of employers. Depending on the job you might face a different combination of tests. The point of the test is to put candidates under pressured time constraints and then get a quantifiable way to judge their skills. Employers will then use the test scores to easily compare candidates. We will walk you through the different SHL tests, and provide the most comprehensive resource for FREE SHL practice test questions and answers.

What Is the SHL Test?

SHL is one of the largest suppliers of employee screening tests. SHL Talent Measurement Solutions, formerly known as CEB and Gartner, put out a wide range of psychometric tests. Many companies will send out an SHL on Demand test, this is an online platform used to have candidates take the exam at home from their own computers.

SHL Verify G+ TestSHL General Ability TestSHL Numerical Reasoning
SHL Inductive ReasoningSHL Deductive ReasoningSHL Calculation Test
SHL Verbal ReasoningSHL Reading Comprehension TestSHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL OPQ32)
SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ)SHL Situational Judgement TestSHL Mechanical Reasoning Test

SHL Verify G+ Test

The SHL Verify G+ Test consists of 30 questions to be completed in 36 minutes. The tests cover three topics;inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and numerical reasoning. The different types of questions are interspersed; they are not separated into sections. The test is adaptive, which means the difficulty will change based on whether you answer a question correctly. It is important to note that you are ALLOWED to use a calculator and scrap paper. The SHL Verify Interactive G+ is a slightly more interactive version of the Verify G+ Test. The Interactive version consists of 24 questions to be completed in 36 minutes. This version can be taken online or using a mobile/tablet device. In the SHL Verify Interactive test you will face the same numerical, inductive, and deductive questions. Although, you may not encounter multiple choice. In a numerical question, you might be presented with an interactive chart or pictograph, and asked to manipulate the graphic and show an amount or percent. The two tests are quite similar and you can prepare for them in the same way.

Take a FREE SHL Verify G+ Practice Test.

SHL General Ability Test

The SHL General Ability Test is a screening test used for entry level positions. The General Ability Screen is usually used in the very early stages of the hiring process. The assessment covers; deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

Take a FREE SHL General Ability Screen.

SHL Numerical Reasoning

The SHL Numerical Reasoning Test is often considered the hardest of the SHL Tests. The test covers the following topics; tables, percentages, proportions, currency exchange, and numerical operations. Try and do a bit of research and figure out which version you are taking. Some tests allow the use of a calculator while others don't. The most common version consists of 18 questions to be finished in 17-25 minutes.

Take a FREE SHL Numerical Reasoning Practice Test.

SHL Verbal Reasoning

The SHL Verbal Reasoning Test evaluates a candidate's ability to comprehend a text and answer related questions. The questions will all have three answer choices; true, false, and cannot say. The passages will often cover work related content. The test consists of 30 questions to be completed in 17-19 minutes.

Take a FREE SHL Verbal Reasoning Practice Test.

SHL Inductive Reasoning

The SHL Inductive Reasoning Test can also be referred to as the SHL Logical Reasoning Test. You will be presented with a pattern and then asked to find the missing figure This question type is commonly referred to as the "next in series." The point of the test is for employers to see how you can handle new information and problem solve. The test consists of 24 questions to be completed in 25 minutes.

Take a FREE SHL Inductive Reasoning Practice Test.

SHL Deductive Reasoning

The SHL Deductive Reasoning Test evaluates a candidate's ability to draw conclusions based on given information. The test covers three main question types; syllogisms, arrangements, and underlying assumptions. The SHL Verify Deductive Reasoning Test consists of 18 questions to be completed in about 10 minutes.

Take a FREE SHL Deductive Reasoning Practice Test.

SHL Calculation Test

The SHL Calculation Test is used to test a candidate's basic numerical skills. The question you will be presented with will have a missing variable and you must find the missing variable. The question type covers; addition, subtraction, multiplication, order of operation, and manipulating equations. The test questions vary in their difficulty.

Take a FREE SHL Calculation Practice Test.

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL OPQ32)

SHL puts out personality tests and questionnaires. These tests can be taken online or paper and pencil. The SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) consists of 104 questions without any time limit. The OPQ32 measures 32 specific personality traits. The purpose is to let the employer know if you have the work style and personality needed for the position. You will be presented with a statement and asked which of four responses best and least describes you.

Take a FREE SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) Practice Test.

SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ)

The SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) is designed to study a potential employee's work motivations. The MQ measures 18 different factors which affect an employees motivation.

Take a FREE SHL Motivation Questionnaire.

SHL Situational Judgement Test

The SHL Situational Judgement Test (SJT) will present the candidate with a series of work related scenarios and they will be asked to respond to them. The SJT can have anywhere from 12 to 25 scenarios. You will be asked anything from; picking two viable responses to a situation, pick the best response, or rank all the possible responses.

Take a FREE SHL Situational Judgement Practice Test.

SHL Mechanical Reasoning Test

If you are applying for a mechanical or technical position you might face the SHL Mechanical Reasoning Test. The Mechanical reasoning Test is given online and consists of 15 questions to be completed in 10 minutes. It covers mechanical concepts including levers, gears, and pulleys.

Take a FREE SHL Mechanical Reasoning Practice Test.

What Is a Good Score on a SHL Test?

You will receive a percentile rank for your score. Only those with high scores will make it to the next part of the selection process.

AWell Above Average99-92
BAbove Average90-73
DBelow Average27-10
EWell Below Average8-1

You should aim to be in the B or above category. Your score will remain on file with the company you are applying for. So, this means if you apply to the same company a couple of years later, they will factor in all your SHL test results.

Why Should I Prepare?

To put it plain and simple the SHL assessment is designed to put you as a candidate under stress. Then, use your score to help easily compare you to other candidates. The timed nature of the test and the fact that many candidates are not familiar with the exam can trip up many candidates. You want to make sure you know what to expect before test day. The best way to do that is to review a FREE SHL Practice Test. This way even if you are in the early phase of applying for a job you will know what some SHL test answers look like. It is better to get ahead of the competition when you are trying to pave your way into an ideal career. Make sure you prepare for the specific test you are taking. Most candidates find the SHL Numerical Test the most challenging. Therefore, reviewing SHL Numerical Test answers in advance is VERY important.

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Tips for Taking SHL Tests

  • SHL offers dozens of different tests which greatly vary in type and difficulty depending on the industry and the level of the job in question.
  • The majority of SHL's tests are computerised, delivered either online or at the recruiter's office. Nevertheless, you may still come across a paper-based version of some of the tests.
  • SHL employs a unique screening method in some of its tests, called the verification method. The way this method works is that; first, potential candidates take an unsupervised online test, and then at a later time they take a shorter supervised version of the test to ensure the first results were reliable. This process is referred to as the SHL Verify tests.
  • Most of the tests delivered by SHL have strict time limits. However, you are not necessarily expected to complete all of the questions within the allocated time.
  • The scores for SHL's tests are relative. That is to say, your score is determined based on the comparison of your results to those of other people with similar educational backgrounds. To better understand how SHL tests are scored, you can read our dedicated article.

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