Delta Air Lines BMAR Practice Test

Delta Air Lines' BMAR Practice Test

Are you looking to start a career as Delta Aircraft Maintenance Technician or Aircraft Support Mechanic? One of the first hurdles on your way to landing one of these jobs will be the Delta Mechanical Aptitude Test. Learn what to expect on the Delta Assessment Test. Access sample Delta test questions, answers, and explanations. 

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What Is the BMAR Test?

The BMAR Test is the Basic Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning Test, which is utilized as part of the recruitment process for specific maintenance and technical positions at Delta Airlines. The point of the exam is to allow Delta to choose candidates who have the skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of the maintenance and technical positions they are applying for. The test is broken down into two parts; mechanical aptitude and personality profiling. 

BMAR Mechanical Aptitude Test

The Mechanical portion is similar to the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test. The mechanical aptitude test includes about 40 questions on basic mechanical principles, electrical systems, and troubleshooting. It is intended to measure the candidate's understanding and ability to apply mechanical concepts to real-world situations. The test covers the following topics; wheels and pulleys, gears, gravity, force and torque, spatial reasoning, and more. 

BMAR Personality Profiling

The Delta Airline Personality Test gives Delta an idea of your personality traits and whether you would be a good fit for the position. Delta will receive a personality profile based on how you answer a series of questions. You want to aim to have your profile match that of a technical worker and look something like this: 

Delta Airline Personality Test
Source: JobTestPrep

You are aiming to show Delta that you have high analytical skills, medium autonomy, and a low affinity for risk taking.

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What Positions Does Delta Use the BMAR Test For?

Delta Airlines uses the BMAR (Basic Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning Test) as part of the hiring process for certain maintenance and technical operation (Techops) positions, such as:

  • Aircraft Support Mechanics
  • Aircraft Maintenance technician (AMT)
  • Aircraft Supply Mechanics (ASM)
  • Maintenance Technician

What Do Delta Technical Operations Maintenance Technicians Do?

Technical Operations (TechOps) maintain, repair, and overhaul the airline's fleet of aircraft. Delta's Technical Operations team are responsible for; line maintenance, base maintenance, engineering quality and planning, component maintenance, engine, maintenance, inventory and logistics, and safety.

Delta BMAR Test Practice Questions, Answers, and Explanations

1. In which way is the wagon accelerating? (If neither, Mark C)

Delta BMAR Test - In which way is the wagon accelerating? (If neither, Mark C)
Source: JobTestPrep
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
Answer + ExplanationA

The pendulum is moving back; resulting in the car accelerating in the opposite direction.
When an object is in an accelerating system, you will feel a pull back when the car speeds up or accelerates, and you will feel a pull forwards when it is braking.

Physical Principle: When an object is in an accelerating system, and another object is present within, the inner object's force will be pulled in the direction opposite to the acceleration.

Delta BMAR Test - In which way is the wagon accelerating? Anwer: C
Source: JobTestPrep

2. Who will need to apply more force to lift the weight? (If equal, Mark C.)

Delta BMAR Test - Who will need to apply more force to lift the weight? (If equal, Mark C.)
Source: JobTestPrep
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
Answer + Explanation


Let's take a look at both figures. Figure B appears to be different as the pulley has the addition of a wheel to reel in the rope. So figure B has 3 wheels in total, whereas figure A only has 2 wheels.

BUT, this extra wheel does not help to divide the force. The third wheel only changes the pulling motion from a linear in figure A to a circular motion in figure B.

Physical Principle: In a pulley system, the only wheels that reduce the applied force are moving wheels. Wheels that simply change the motion's direction don't reduce force.

3. If the red switch is closed, which bulb would light up? (If both, mark C.)

Delta BMAR Tes - If the red switch is closed, which bulb would light up? (If both, mark C.)
Source: JobTestPrep
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
Answer + Explanation


If the red switch is closed, then a closed circuit is formed for bulb A and B.
As both of the light bulbs are connected in parallel, they both receive the current and light up.

4. At school I would always go over my test answers before handing them in

Delta BMAR Test - At school I would always go over my test answers before handing them in
Source: JobTestPrep

5. Rules are made to be broken

Delta BMAR Test - Rules are made to be broken
Source: JobTestPrep

6. I don't hesitate when making decisions

Delta BMAR Test -  don't hesitate when making decisions
Source: JobTestPrep

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What Is a Good Score on the Delta BMAR Test?

You should target to get an 80% or above to ensure you will pass to the next stage. A "good" score on the Delta Airlines Mechanical Assessment will lead to an invitation to interview at a centralized hiring event. If you don't do well on the exam you need to wait a couple of months before you can retake it.

Is the Delta BMAR Test Hard?

The difficulty level of the Delta Aptitude Test will vary according to your educational background and experience in mechanical and electrical principles. The Mechanical Reasoning Test can be difficult for those who have little or no experience in these areas. For this reason we suggest that you become familiar with the type of problems and concepts that are covered in the test. We recommend taking a Delta Practice Test in advance. By studying the test information and familiarizing yourself with the format of the questions you can improve your chances of doing well.

How Do I Prepare for the Delta Test?

It is not easy to get a job as a Delta maintenance technician. What we like about the position is that it is a stable career path with room to grow. As competition is fierce we recommend going into the Delta Airlines Mechanic Test prepared. The best way to do that is to take a Practice BMAR test. We like this product because it gives you questions which will mimic those you will take on the actual test with a similar testing environment. We also like that it goes through different strategies to use when answering the personality questionnaire. The helpful tutorials make it easy to learn a wide breadth of subjects in an efficient manner.

Delta Aircraft Maintenance Technician Hiring Process

The hiring process for an Aircraft Maintenance Technician position at Delta Airlines usually includes the following steps:

  1. Application: Find an open position on Delta career site and submit an online application. Be ready to fill in information about your education, work experience, and qualifications.
  2. BMAR Test: Take the Basic Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning Test (BMAR) online. The Delta Pre-Employment Assessment Test measures your personality traits and mechanical skills.
  3. Interview: If you pass the BMAR test, you will be invited for an interview. This is already a good sign, only top candidates make it to the interview portion.
    Background check: If you get through the interview phase, you may be asked to complete a background check. The background check includes a check of your criminal history, employment history, and education.
  4. Drug test: In the last step of the hiring process you may encounter a drug test.
    Training: If you pass all the prior steps you will qualify for training! Well done, only top candidates make it this point.
  5. Hiring: After the training is done, you will be officially hired as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

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