Practice Epic Systems Assessment

Practice Epic Systems Assessment

In this increasingly competitive job market it is important that you get a leg up on the competition. Are you interested in applying for a position with the Epic Systems company? We are here to walk you through what to expect from the recruitment process. Most importantly we are here to prepare you for the Epic Aptitude Test. It is important that you understand how to prepare for the Epic Assessment Test and ensure you get the position you want.

Take a Practice Epic Skills Test.

What Does Epic Systems Do?

Epic Systems is a software company that deals with providing health information technology across all medical sectors. Their platforms are used by hospitals and other health systems to store, organize, and share electronic medical records.

What Is the Epic Systems Assessment?

The Epic Assessment Test is used to measure a potential employees personality- traits, cognitive abilities, and basic skills. The Epic System Company uses the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) and the Epic Systems Technical Skills Assessment. The Wonderlic Personnel Test is used to measure an applicants personality traits and see if they have what it takes to excel at the job. It also includes situational judgement questions, which evaluate what a candidate would do in various work related scenarios. The technical problem solver portion covers logical reasoning, numerical questions, and verbal comprehension. This set of aptitude tests gives the employer an idea of how you process information and make connections across sectors.

Take a practice Epic Skills Assessment.

What Is the Epic Systems Hiring Process?

Step 1: Submit an Application

Take a look at the Epic Systems career openings and find the position that best matches your skill set. As this is a software company positions will be most closely aligned to those who have a technical background.

Step 2: Phone Interview 

If you are deemed a good fit based on your application you will be contacted for a phone interview. Make sure you are in a quiet setting. The interview will mostly consist of a review of your resume, areas of interest, past work experience, and some technical questions. Do some research about the company prior to the interview. At the end of the phone interview the interviewer will ask if you have any questions about the company or the position. You always want to ask at least one question.

Step 3: The Epic Assessment Test

The Epic Skills Assessment will be given to those candidates who pass the first phone interview. The exam is given by ProctorU and taken online. Registration can take about a half an hour. You must verify your identity, and the area in which you will be taking the test. The test will be monitored by a proctor and you will not even be able to switch tabs.

Take a Practice Epic Test.

Step 4: Technical Interview

This interview can either be done onsite or by telephone. Most interviews are being conducted by telephone these days. If you are applying for a software engineer position, be prepared to face algorithmic questions and other technical questions. All positions should be prepared to discuss a project you worked on. You might also be given a hypothetical problem and asked to work through a solution and your thought process.

Step 5: HR Interview

This interview will be conducted immediately after your technical interview whether it is in person or by phone. Here you will face the typical questions.

Sample Epic Systems Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work at Epic Systems?
  • Why do you think a job in healthcare systems is a good match for you?
  • What projects are you working on?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Step 6: Job Offer

If all goes well you will receive a job offer. The whole process should take between 2-4 weeks. Only about 3-4% of applicants get the job with the biggest hurdle being the Epic skills assessment.

Why Should I Prepare?

Only about 3-4% of the test applicants get the job offer. You will increase your chances of landing a job if you practice for the Epic Systems Aptitude Test. If you do not excel on the Epic exam you will not be able to continue on to the other portions of the recruitment process. With competitive salaries and great working benefits, you want to make sure you are part of the top 3%.

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