Vista Equity Partners Hiring Process + CCAT Practice Test

Vista Equity Partners Hiring Process

There are many different job opportunities at Vista Equity Partners. With opportunities for interns just starting out and managers more advanced in their careers, landing a job with Vista Equity Partners or one of their subsidiaries is like getting the golden ticket. With more than $57 billion dollars in capital, Vista Equity Partners stands at one of the best companies to work at. Therefore, getting hired for any position is not going to be easy. There is no one exact selection process. Each subsidiary company and each position works a bit differently. The one thing most of them have in common is the use of the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) in the interview process. Let’s learn some more about Vista Equity Partners recruitment process.

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What Does Vista Equity Partners Do?

Vista Equity Partners (Vista) is a private equity and venture capital firm. The firm focuses on investing in software and technology focused businesses. The firm was founded by Robert F. Smith and Brian Sheth. Vista Equity has offices across the United States including in: Austin, Chicago, and San Francisco. Vista Equity owns over 50 companies employing over 65,000 workers. 

What Are Some of the Job Opportunities at Vista Equity Partners?

For those looking for roles at Vista Equity Partners they have opportunities for individuals at all points in their career. There are five different locations with over 500 employees. They have the Vista Internship Program for those just starting out and interested in gaining experience in a leading investment firm. They have openings for more seasoned employees looking to work in investing, portfolio operation, investor operations, on site operations, and administration. They also have management and consulting opportunities in the Vista Consulting Group. They even have the Vista Frontier Fellows program, which creates opportunities for those who in the past have been underrepresented in private equity firms. Take a look at some of the open positions to see if something speaks to you. 

What Does the Hiring Process Look like at Vista Equity Partners?

Step 1: Submit an Online Application

As there are a lot of different positions open within Vista and its Portfolio companies you can search through the open positions by job function, location, or business. Once you find the position which is the best fit for you, you can submit an online application. Do not expect to hear back immediately.

Step 2: Phone Interview/ Screener

If your resume stood out a HR person will call you for an initial phone screener. As these calls come out of the blue make sure you go into a quiet area and be prepared to answer some general interview questions. Depending on the position they might discuss salary and work expectations. 

Step 3: Vista Equity Partners Assessment - The Vista CCAT Test

Before ever setting foot on site for an interview you will be given the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test known as the Vista CCAT. The CCAT is an aptitude test which has three sections; Math and Logic, Verbal Skills, and Spatial Reasoning. The point of the test is assess how you handle stress, solve problems, critically think, and handle new information. The most difficult part about the test is that you are only given 15 minutes to answer 50 questions. This means you have about 30 seconds to answer each question. With such time pressure it is very important that you know what to expect on the exam. The CCAT has been given to over 125,000 applicants. Of the 125,000 applicants 6,000 were hired. Only those who receive a good score will continue on with the selection process. 

Learn more about the Vista CCAT test.

Step 4: Vista Personality Test

As part of the pre-employment assessments you will need to take a personality test. The point of this behavioral assessment is to make sure you have the character traits needed to excel on the job. You will be asked a series of questions about how you feel or your opinion on certain scenarios. It is important to answer every question with a work lense on. Learn more about what personality traits are expected for your specific position.

Take a look at a practice Personality Test.

Step 5: Phone Interview

In many cases if you passed the CCAT assessment you will be called again by a recruiter and have a second phone screener. This is a great sign. This means that you excelled on the testing! They will often invite you to come in person.

Step 6: In person interview

Depending on the position the interview process will look different. Let’s focus on the interview for a 1st Year Associate/ Analyst. Expect to face a superday. This is a full day interview where you will encounter multiple interviews and a case study. You will have both one-on-one interviews and a panel interview. The case study will vary depending on the exact position, but expect to face technical questions such as a leveraged buyout analysis (LBO) or a discounted cash flow (DCF) question. For different positions the interview will look a bit different. That being said, the core components are the same. Make sure to brush up on your technical skills and do your research about the company.

Step 7: Background check and Drug Screen

Not every position will have you go through a background check and drug screen. You don’t want to be surprised! So make sure you are prepared for this as a possibility.

Step 8: Job Offer

The whole process should take somewhere between 4-6 weeks. If you are one of the lucky few who gets an offer, congrats!!! You have done your homework and prepared well.

What Are Some of the Companies Vista Equity Owns?

Vista's Portfolio Companies
AccruentActive NetworkApptio
AderantAdvancedAdvicent Solutions
AGDATAApplauseApplied Systems
Automated InsightsBigMachinesBrainWare
GranicusGreenway HealthInfoblox
JamfKiboKibo Software
LithiumLone Wolf Real Estate TechnologiesMain Street Hub
Market TrackMarketoMediaOcean
MRI SoftwareNAVEX GlobalNEWSCYCLE Solutions
OmnitracsP2 Energy SolutionsPayLease
PeopleAdminPing IdentityPing Identity 
PowerSchoolRegulatory DataCorpRelias Learning
Return PathReynolds & ReynoldsSecureLink
SER SolutionsSirsiDynixSocial Solutions Global
SoleraSourceNet SolutionsSovos Compliance
SRC SoftwareSTATSSumTotal Systems
Sunquest Information SystemsSuperionSurgical Information Systems
Trintech GroupTsysUpserve
VentyxVertaforeVivid Seats

Learn more about the interview process at these top Vista Equity Partner Subsidiaries:

  • Marketo
  • PowerSchool
  • Finastra
  • Datto

Ensure you are prepared for the Vista CCAT Test take a look at some practice tests.

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