TSA Study Guides for CBT, TSO or Federal Marshal Exam

TSA Study Guides

Get ahead of the competition and prepare in advance for the TSA CBT exam. We have outlined for you some great TSA CBT study guides all in one place. Understand what to expect on your TSO or Federal Marshal exam. We have the most comprehensive list of TSA CBT practice questions, answers, and study guides.

TSA Study Guides and Free PDF Study Materials

This is the most comprehensive preparation on the market put out by JobTestPrep. We like this preparation because it includes study guides and drills for the English and X-Ray portion of the test. This is the only preparation on the market which overviews the X-Ray portion of the test, which is the most difficult part. You can take a diagnostic and see where your skills lie and improve from there. The preparation pack includes:

  • 18 Reading comprehension tests, 3 Written communication tests & 3 English grammar tests
  • 2 Information presentation practice & 2 Paragraph organization practice
  • 8 Vocabulary tests & 2 Restatement tests
  • 1 Diagnostic test & guide
  • 1 Passage organization test
  • 2 Punctuation tests
  • 2 Restatement tests
  • 12 X-Ray drills & 1 Study guide

Preparation Manual for the TSA Written Skills assessment

This is a free manual designed to help you prepare for the TSA Writing Skills Assessment. The manual includes some free practice questions with explanations. The sample questions mimic those on the actual test. What we like about this free PDF is that it describes the different grammar and writing principals. It includes a mini lessons overviewing the principles that will be covered on the test. For more practice take a look at TSA Test Prep’s sample questions and test taking tips.

Preparation Manual for the Federal Air Marshal Assessment Battery

This is a great free manual is to help you prepare to take the TSA Federal Air Marshal (FAM) Assessment Battery (FAB). The free guide outlines the different portions of the test and tips for the exam. It includes preparation for the Logic-Based-Reasoning Test, Situational Judgement Test and Written Skills Assessment. What we like about this free PDF are the words of caution and test taking tips.

GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Test

For those applying to be a pre-board screening officer with GardaWorld, a leading security company, take a look at this practice test put out by JobTestPrep. The GardaWorld test differs from the TSA test in that it includes the X-Ray Object Recognition Test (ORT), English, and basic math skills. What we like about this pack is that it adds the Math practice that is much needed by many. Math is the type of subject that practice can really affect the outcome of your score. 

PDF Guides to Download or Print

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Are you looking for a way to practice for the CBT test for the TSA? Access a full-length Practice Test for the TSA CBT Test. Get practice vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, and punctuation drills. Ensure you know what to expect on the X-Ray portion of the test with X-Ray drills and a detailed study guide.

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